The Election is Over: What is the Impact on Philanthropy?

7 11 2012

And now, back to our regularly scheduled fundraising. It was painful for non-profits to watch the amount of money flow into campaigns, super-PACs, and God only knows what else. Even worse is the amount of donors “waiting to see what happened”. There is no doubt that uncertainty is a danger to the markets and ultimately philanthropy.

Historically, the most important indicator for philanthropy is the stock market. Since philanthropy is a trailing indicator of the economy, it is important we think about the impact of the election on the economy. The Washington Post indicated that a known leader would offer a short term gains. These same short term gains will bolster philanthropist’s decision making ability – even if there may be some pessimism by select donors.

Long term, all of our elected officials need to address serious issues in the health of our economy. Issues of national debt and sluggish economic growth will continue to haunt the markets and philanthropy if there are not long term solutions.

Keep an eye on the markets and get out there with your prospects.

Good Luck!

– Mark J. Marshall




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