Last Chance for the Annual Fund! – Finish strong, start strong.

27 06 2012

 If your organization’s fiscal year ends on June 30th you have a few precious days left to meet your goal! (I did not have to tell you that, you probably are well aware.) By this point, you should have a clear idea about any gap between your dollar goals and your participation goals. There are a few things that you can do in these final days if you have not already done them!

1) Phone, Phone, and Phone! – Hop on the phone with your leadership annual donors and renew them via credit card. In some cases offer to pick up checks if need be! Enlist your major gifts and alumni relations colleagues for the final push.

2) Email! – Hit the masses with one last “friendly” reminder! This is one of the few times that we can throw most case stating out the window. One last email is purely transactional to your LYBUNTS and SYBUNTS (You may also want to include recent alumni for higher education institutions) that says “make your gift today”.

3) Check and Remind! – Make sure your leaders have all made their annual gifts (board members, administrators, and volunteer leaders). If they haven’t, ask appropriate organizational leadership to reach out to make that call!

Now, the worst thing about year end? It is followed by the new fiscal year and you are back at $0. A few quick steps to get yourself ready to go for the new fiscal year:

1) Do you have a plan for the year? And is it in writing? It should be complete with goals, strategies, tactics, and dates.

2) Close out last year – Write off any outstanding pledges before the business office closes out the books. (This allows you to calculate your pledge fulfillment and make sure all dollars end up in the right fiscal year).

3) Take a deep breath – Finding a time for professional and personal renewal adds significant value for heading into the next fiscal year and will help you use all 12 months!

Finish strong, start strong.

Good luck! 

-Mark J. Marshall




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