Strategic Cultivation: What are you doing?

27 04 2011

At my first development conference over 20 years ago, a wise gentleman shared the phrase “Don’t confuse action with progress”.  For years that phrase was on my desk in some manner and served as a directional beacon for various work efforts.

With this in mind I have seen over and over again the need for development staff to focus on cultivation.  It is the largest part of the development cycle, yet it is likely the least thought about of our efforts. There is a lot of attention on cold calling and lots of attention on solicitation, while cultivation is that critical link.

My recent article in the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Journal (Spring 2011) shares with you insights about the Marshall Law of Cultivation: A prospect will remain unmoved or unmotivated unless deliberately acted upon.  I am pleased to share it with you thanks to the good folks at the AHP Journal. The AHP Journal is an outstanding publication that offers signiciant value to any development professional.

Click here to download the article ThePowerInStrategicCultivation-Spring2011AHPJournal-Marshall.

For a short video on the same subject, see below…





One response

2 09 2011
Paul Deakins

A wonderful article about the importance of relationship building in our work. I now have a card stating Marshall’s Law of Cultivation sitting on my desk as a reminder!
Thank You!

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