Welcome to the Marshall Art of Fundraising

10 03 2011

Over the past several years, I have sent out articles of interest to friends, colleagues and clients (most of whom are more than one of those).  Recipients have appreciated having their attention drawn to the article often with some additional commentary.  It is my hope that this blog will serve that same purpose – an opportunity to draw your attention as a non-profit leader to important data, articles, or events in the world of non-profits.

During my career, which has been spent working in the non-profit arena, I have had the joy and privilege to work with many inspiring development professionals, chief executive officers, volunteer leaders, and most of importantly – visionary donors. It is the perspectives and experiences that I have gained which I will share with you.

Your thoughts, insights and feedback are welcome and invited.  I hope you find this of value and will forward to your friends and colleagues. 

Mark J. Marshall

Email: mjm@bwf.com        

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One response

24 04 2011
Dorothy Morrow

Mark, your blog inspired me! For a while I have wanted to try some new communication techniques for the development office where I work and I am now taking a class in Web 2.0 technology (Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts) with the aim of using these to profile to our donors (both external and internal) the impact of fundraising at our institution. Watch out for material from me and please share any comments you have about the impact of these technologies on our faculty and staff campaign and for our scholarship donors. Truly it was your blog which inspired me! Thank you.

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